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Travel Tips & Unique Gadgets

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
June 7th, 2017

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Whether traveling by car or plane, or for business or pleasure, here are a few tips to help avoid some bumps and wrinkles.

1. Use a packing checklist. Print out multiple copies and store with your luggage for next time.

2. Clearly identify your luggage with bright colorful luggage tags or pom-poms.

3. To corral the cords for your electronic items, consider using a reusable rubber twist tie.

4. If you don’t like laying your toothbrush down on the bathroom counter at hotels, use a travel toothbrush holder that keeps your toothbrush standing upright.

5. Have you ever put your hand in your toiletries bag only to get cut by your razor? If so, you’ll appreciate having a razor case.

6. Tired of the cost of travel-size toothpaste? Buy a large tube of toothpaste and refill a travel size tube made for toothpaste.

7. If you like to refill travel size bottles with shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and creams, you’ll love these squeezable bottles with suction cups to hang from shower walls.

8. Label each refillable bottle so you and others can identify what is in the bottle. Print labels with a label maker or purchase pre-printed colorful travel labels, clear travel labels or reusable printed toiletry bands.

9. Store toiletries in leak-proof reusable zipper bags. Label the bag with individual labels for each item stored in it such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, etc. This “list” on the bag will make packing and repacking easy. Also, by using individual removable labels, you can easily move an item along with its label to another bag.

10. If you need to refill travel size bottles, small funnels may simplify the process.

11. Whether you need to touch up your hair with a blow dryer or iron a piece of clothing, you may find that packing a 3 oz. travel spray bottle to fill with water helps you to achieve your goals.

12. Be prepared for unexpected traveling needs. Below is a list of a few items that may make your trip a bit smoother. Store these items in a clear zipper bag. Put labels on the bag identifying what is in the bag so everyone can easily find and replenish items.

  1. Small first-aid kit with Band-Aids
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing kit with buttons and safety pin
  5. Lint remover
  6. Scotch tape
  7. Clips, magnetic and/or binder (great to close bags of snacks)

All of the products listed in this article and shown on WFMZ TV News segment “Travel Tips” with Diane Albright and TV News Anchor Eve Russo were purchased at The Container Store.

Happy and safe traveling!


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Quick & Simple Travel Packing Tips

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
June 2nd, 2015

Baggage ClaimTo simplify packing, first and foremost, don’t wait until the last minute to pack. A travel packing checklist is key and will make packing less overwhelming. Once the list is created, save it on your computer and also take a copy with you on your trip. During your trip, jot down any items you wished you had brought along. Update the list when you return and next time packing will be even more streamlined.

In travel preparation, review and edit your packing list at least 2 to 3 weeks before your trip. This will allow ample time to make needed purchases. If traveling out of the country, review the list 2 to 3 months prior.

No matter if flying or driving, packing a carryon with the certain items can make a substantial difference in your trip. If flying, pack your carryon with items that would be difficult or expensive to replace while away (contact lenses, bathing suit, etc.) as well as items you would need to comfortably get by if your luggage was lost such as a change of clothes, underwear, toothbrush, etc. If using our packing checklist, these essential items are indicated with an asterisk after them.

When driving to your destination, pack your “carryon” with essentials so you can enjoy your vacation the minute you arrive without the need to unpack your entire suitcase. In your “carryon” toss in your bathing suit, sunscreen, flip-flops, etc. You’ll be able jump into the pool or lake before the sun sets.

Quick and simple travel packing tips:

  • Stuff shoes with sunglasses, electronics, and other items you don’t want to break.
  • To prevent shoes from soiling other items, place shoes in Ziploc® gallon size bags (or plastic grocery bags), especially for the return trip.
  • Put items such as hair brushes that can snag or scratch things in a cosmetic or Ziploc bag. Place large hairclips around the handles of brushes to prevent the clips from breaking.
  • Pack extra Ziploc bags, a small and large one. They work great in a pinch for leftovers or packing wet items on departure day.
  • Pack a small pair of scissors, Scotch® tape, rubber band, binder clip, and sewing kit. All will help when the need to close something arises or the expected occurs.
  • Store jewelry in a nylon jewelry case or folding (hanging) jewelry organizer with zipper pockets. Place it in your carryon for security measures. Also, jewelry tends to be heavy adding weight to your suitcase that may put you over the 50 lb weight limit.
  • In your carryon include two Ziploc bags of essential toiletries (items you’ll need if your luggage gets lost). One Ziploc bag should be for liquids such as contact lense solution, cosmetics, etc. and the other Ziploc Bag for non-liquids such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. With a Sharpie or P-touch® laminated label tape, label the front of the bag. Then list the contents of the bag on P-touch label tape adhered to the back or on an index card inside. This way you’ll know what to pack each time on your trip out and back.
  • Travel size containers can help with the packing of toiletries. Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries a nice selection of travel size items and containers. Label these bottles for reuse, i.e. shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Use P-touch laminated label tape so you won’t need to re-label due to wear and tear or drips.
  • Small sizes of items such as Vaseline and Advil take up little space and are refillable.
  • Weigh your luggage at home. Don’t wait until you get to the airport. Typically the weight limit is 50 lbs.
  • Before leaving for the airport tie a colored/patterned ribbon to your luggage handle or place a large unique sticker on the side(s) of your suitcase. This way as the luggage carouselgoes around you’ll be able to easily identify your luggage.
  • Keep items like Advil or allergy tablets in your carryon or purse, not your suitcase.

Happy traveling!




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How to Organize T-Shirts

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
May 1st, 2013

If you’re wondering how to save space in your dresser drawers, it’s quite simple. Store you clothing vertically. Vertical storage provide two huge benefits, the first and foremost is the space that you save by using the height of your drawer. Secondly, you can see all your clothing at a glance allowing you to quickly see what’s there (not there) and make a quick select of what you want to wear. I call this a quick pick vertical storage system.

I have been teaching this vertical storage methodology for years and showcasing the clear bins to make vertical storage quick and simple. To add to the mix of simplifying there is a new product coming on the market to make t-shirt folding a breeze. It is my pleasure to introduce you to pliio™.

pliio™ is the fool proof method of folding t-shirts and vertical storage. Think of pliio™  as a folding board covered in a lightweight fabric. To fold, lay your t-shirt flat (emblem side down). Place a pliio™ centered (both vertically and horizontally) on the t-shirt. Next, fold in each arm/side (how you normally would fold a t-shirt). Then, fold up the bottom portion of the t-shirt 1/4 way up and the top of the t-shirt a 1/4 way down. Next, fold the bottom halfway up, and the top halfway down. Then fold or “close” the t-shirt in half. You’re done! Place the t-shirt in your drawer vertically (with the pliio™ inside). Repeat the steps to fold the rest of your t-shirts. You can also watch a video on folding with pliio™.

Going on vacation? Just grab your t-shirts and pack with the pliio™ inside. When you unpack your suitcase, place your t-shirts in the drawer vertically. Even on vacation you’ll maximize your space and enjoy being organized.

Happy organizing!

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Free Packing Checklist – Business or Vacation Travel

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
June 2nd, 2011

Do you wish you had a magical Disney wand to wave and have your luggage packed with everything you need? While I can’t provide you that magical wand, I can help you to be more efficient at packing and take some stress out of the process.

Whether you are packing for a business trip or family vacation, remembering what you need to pack can be daunting.  If you forget to pack an essential item, a great summer vacation or superb business trip may turn into a trip with obstacles.

Whether you pack well in advance or are always up late the night before a trip packing, the key to packing quickly and efficiently is having a packing checklist to refer to. Relying on memory alone can be risky. A “what to pack list” will keep you focused and provide you with confidence during the packing process. 

You’ll want to create a packing list that can be used trip after trip. Start by creating a comprehensive list that includes all the items you’ll want for travel in the summer and non-summer months as well as items for business and non-business trips.

As I mentioned, I can’t provide you a magical Disney wand but I can provide you a comprehensive packing checklist so you won’t need to create one from scratch. Feel free to download Diane Albright’s Free Packing Checklist by going to www.DianeAlbright.com/free_packing_checklist.

The next time you are preparing for a trip, print a copy and cross-off the items you won’t need this time around. As you begin gathering items, keep the list at hand as you walk around your house or apartment. As you collect the items, place them along side of your luggage and check off the items on your list. Once you have all of your items collected as well as the clothing you need, you are ready to begin packing your suitcase.

If you want to fine tune your packing list a bit further, place your list in your suitcase on your next trip. If you find yourself in need of an item while you are away, add the item to your list. When you return home from your trip, update your comprehensive list with any added items. With this tweaked list, you’ll have the perfect packing checklist and be well prepared for upcoming travel.

Here are additional tips and tricks that may be helpful in planning your next trip:

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Preventing Travel Mishaps

Wishing you fabulous vacations and travel,

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Luggage to Love

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
June 23rd, 2010

If you are in need of purchasing new luggage, I highly recommend buying luggage with 4 wheels on the bottom instead of 2. The 4 wheels allow you to steer and maneuver your luggage in any direction seamlessly. If you are going down a crowded aisle your can turn luggage the narrow way to easily squeeze by. Matter of fact, just spin your luggage around and you can easily fit down a narrow bus or airplane aisle.

With 4 wheels on your luggage you don’t have to tilt your suitcase down and bear the weight of the suitcase as you pull it along. With 4 wheels you can keep the luggage standing upright and just push it along. Pushing is easier because you have your weight behind the push.

The only downside to having 4 wheels on your luggage is that it can easily roll. It rolls so easily that driveways with a slope can be problem. You wouldn’t want to set your luggage at the top of the driveway, especially if you live in San Francisco. Perhaps one day they will add a brake lever to 2 of the 4 wheels, similar to a baby stroller.

Once you own luggage with 4 wheels I don’t know if you can ever go back. I have the Samsonite Spinner and love it. I know that if I was challenged to an obstacle course with my Samsonite Spinner I could surpass anyone with a piece of luggage with 2 wheels.

Happy luggage maneuvering!

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The Sunrise Show WFMZ-TV Channel 69

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
June 23rd, 2010

This morning on The Sunrise Show Diane enjoyed sharing with the viewers tips and tricks on travel planning and packing.

Whether you are looking to save money on travel or simplify the packing process, you’ll find lots of helpful information by clicking on the links below.

How to Find Low Air Fare

Save Money on Hotel Stays

Car Rentals for Less

Preventing Travel Mishaps

Luggage to Love

Suitcase Packing Made Easy

Packing Checklist

We wish you happy and safe travel!

Diane is on Facebook and Twitter!

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