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Create the Best Organizing Systems and Avoid Mistakes – TV Segment

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
January 11th, 2016

channel-_69_wfmzHave you ever invested time and money into getting your home or office organized but over time it goes right back to where you started? Perhaps a friend or co-worker has helped you get organized but even with their great ideas, the organization doesn’t stick, or it may be even worse than when you started.

Don’t get discouraged; there are some simple tips on how to avoid organizing pitfalls and challenges all while creating the best organizational systems that will last.

In celebration of January’s Get Organized month, Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright shared tips with WFMZ-TV’s news anchor, Eve Tannery, on how to create the best organizational systems and avoid organizing mistakes.

TV segment – please come back to view once segment has been posted online.

How to Create the Best Systems for Staying Organizing

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Organized 

Happy organizing!

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Dorm Room Decor and Organizing Tips on WFMZ-TV

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
July 23rd, 2014

PrintThis morning on WFMZ-TV I shared with viewers tips on decorating and organizing a college dorm room. All the items shown were from Target and ranged in price from $3.99 to $19.99. When shopping in-store at a local Target, just look for the “College Shop” flags to help you navigate to what you need.

While it might be nice to coordinate colors with your roommate, keep in mind you may not have the same roommate year after year. Instead, consider a color that coordinates or blends with your room color at home. This way during the summer months you can take full advantage of what you purchased for college and use the items in your room at home such as a lamp, chair, ottoman, string lights, decorative pillows, etc.

Dorm rooms typically have either a standard length twin bed or an extra long twin bed. No matter if you know the size of your bed or not, purchase the comforter and sheets in XL. You never know what size bed you will have next year or the year after. The bed size may differ from dormitory to dormitory or if you move into an apartment. You won’t notice the difference if you buy extra long, but you will notice the difference if you are trying to fit a standard length mattress pad or fitted sheet on an extra long twin mattress.

While making your packing checklist, beware of the items that college student typically forget to pack. Add to your list a cable for TV, extension cords, batteries for remotes (TV and fan), postage stamps, and envelopes.

Items shown on the dorm room organizing TV segment: Comforter $16.00; Sheets $16.99; Decorative Pillow $18.99; Bed Rest Pillow $12; Paper Lantern String Lights $14.99; Metal Flower String Lights $14.99; Table Lamp $19.99; Ottoman $19.99; Decorative Fabric Bin $6.99; Decorative Bin $6.79; Beside Caddy $7.99; Over the Door Organizer $9.99; Storage Crate $3.99; Shower Wrap $11.00; Shower Tote $7.99; Shower Caddy: In-store Laundry Bag $9.99; Drying Rack/Towel Bar: In-store

Happy dorm room organizing!

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It’s Time for Back to School and Off to College

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
August 7th, 2013

It’s off to college and back to school time! Every year there are new products on the market and this year is no different with fun colors and fun times. On WFMZ-TV’s Sunrise Show I was thrilled to share with viewers tips and tricks for back to school and off to college dorm room living.

Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox for kids makes packing lunch fun, organized, and cool! There are two kits to choose from, one for flat lunch bags and one for tall lunch bags. Each kit is modular and airtight to keep items fresh and not soggy. Whether it is a sandwich or salad, these containers rock with cool colors and a Blue Ice pack that snaps to the containers. The containers are BPA free and microwave, dishwasher, and freezer save. You can find Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox at grocery stores and Target for $10 to $15. Print a coupon for Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox.

To minimize searching for sports gear, dance attire, or swim team suits, keep all “activity” wear in one dresser drawer or bin. This way your child is not sifting through regular t-shirts and shorts trying to find his or her soccer t-shirt or shorts.

The Academic Planner is a great time management tool for students of all ages. It provides students with a natural way to literally visual their available time so they can plan and manage it. It puts the student in control by giving them a place on the planner to record their activities and meetings. When they see available blocks of time they know they can easily schedule their studying and assignments. This planner is just any planner, it was developed by a mother whose child was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Executive Dysfunction. You can purchase the Academic Planner online.

If you are college bound, Bed Bath & Beyond offers a dorm room checklist specific for your college or university or use can use their universal dorm room checklist. No matter how well you think you’ve planned and prepared for dorm room living, there are common forgotten or overlooked items. Play it safe buy purchasing these items ahead of time and hang onto your receipt. Consider bringing along extra batteries (for remotes for your fan, TV, iHome, etc.); power strip, 3-prong cord, regular extensions cords, and TV cable (in case you place the TV far from the wall jack), Don’t forget to pack postage stamps and envelopes – you’ll most likely need them at some point.

Vera Bradley’s back to school line at the Heritage Shop Hallmark store on Emmaus Avenue in Allentown was a fun find.  The shower caddy in a number of Vera Bradley patterns goes great with a matching bath wrap and the coordinating pop up hamper compacts nicely and is easy to stash in the car.

For  guys or girls going off to college, Bed Bath & Beyond’s exclusive college bedding kits are a great deal. For $79.99 in-store you’ll get a comforter, pillow sham, sheet set, 2 towels, and a fabric storage bin to put under the bed or hang from a closet rod. I always recommend purchasing the extra long twin comforter and sheets as opposed to the regular length twin. The dorm you are living in this year may have regular size twin beds, but your dorm next year may have extra long twin beds!

Wishing you a happy and successful school year!

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Amazing Organizers from the NAPO Conference

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
May 1st, 2013

I recently arrived home from the National Association of Professional Organizers Conference and Expo

in New Orleans. As usual, the conference and expo proved to be a much worthwhile trip. Just when you thought organizing products couldn’t get any better, they did. Manufactures pulled out all the stops when it came to bells and whistles or reinventing the wheel. I was like a kid in a candy store.

While I can’t share with you all the amazing products I had the privilege of

viewing here are just a few of my favorites.

All Access™ Containers by Rubbermaid
Naturally we stack containers and totes to maximize our vertical storage space but what happens when what we need is in the bottom container?

Rubbermaid reinvented the storage container to give “all access” to all the contents in the stack. The clear side on the container allows you to see what is inside and its drop down feature provides instant access to what is inside. No more moving totes around ever again. The All Access™ organizers are available in Target, Home Depot, and Wal-mart

Pliio™ Clothing Files
Pliio™ is the new filing

systems for t-shirts, tops, and scarves. A thin Pliio™ folding board allows you to fold almost anything in s

econds. With this system store your t-shirts in a drawer or upright on a shelf vertically. You’ll save space and time. Read more…

1″ Stales Better® Finder with Removable FileRings™

Using a 3 ring binder for a project? When the project is complete how do you file all those papers? With Staples Better® Binder with Removable FileRings™ you can remove the outside cover and file just the binding with documents attached. Pretty neat idea!

What’s That Paint – Paint Can Labels

Think outside the can! Keep all your paint organized by knowing the details of the paint. These paint can labels provide you with the pertinent questions to keeping your paint organized.

Home Office Products by Esselte® including Ampad® & Pendaflex®

Double Seal Envelopes by Ampad®/Esselte®
The days of searching for that piece of tape to double seal you envelopes are finally over. The new Ampad® DoubleSeal™ envelopes actually come with a built-in piece of tape for the ultimate in convenience.

Privacy CopySafe® File Jacket by Pendaflex®/Esselte®
Enjoy the convenience of using clear transparent file jackets? You no longer have to worry about sensitive documents being seen by curious eyes when using the Privacy CopySafe® File Jackets. These file jackets have a special printed design ensuring privacy of contents.

EZ Flag Writing Pads by Ampad®/Esselte®
This writing pad is like no other. With the EZ Flag Writing Pad you’ll never need a highlighter again. It includes 25 repositionable see through note strips and 25 repositionable stick on flags for labeling and highlighting. Sheets are perforated for easy removal.

Happy organizing!

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Get Organized Month on WFMZ-TV’s Sunrise Show

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
January 22nd, 2013

It’s the New Year and it is also Get Organized Month, or GO Month. This is the time of year to keep those promises of getting organized and simplifying. Today on WFMZ-TV’s Sunrise Show I shared with news anchor Eve Tannery and Channel 69 viewers ways to get organized:

Upcoming Seminars to Get Organized

Organize & Simplify Your “Life Data”

Share Documents & Photos Over Multiple Computers, Phones, and Tablets for Free!

Automatically Backup You Computer Files & Photos

Lego Organizers – Cool Ones on the Market  

  Sort and Store Lego Pieces & Bricks

  3-Drawer Lego Storage Unit

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Fabulous Organizing Products

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
May 1st, 2012

Today on Channel 69’s Sunrise Show I was thrilled to show fabulous finds from the 2012 National Association of Professional Organizers Conference and Expo. Of course to a professional organizer like me, the expo is like a kid in a candy store. I was in good company with 850 other professional organizers representing 13 different countries.

Some of my favorite finds from the expo are below:

Bento™ boxes by Rubbermaid

2 in 1 Recycler by Rubbermaid

Hidden Recycler by Rubbermaid

Clever Container Organizing Trays by Rubbermaid

Tote Buddy

Getting Organized Magazine

ShelfGenie Toll-free 1-(888)-218-8548

Ready Tab™ File Folders by Pendaflex

Clear Command® Hooks by 3M

Chalkboard Adhesive Labels

SmartTrakr Free App & Website Account by CubeSmart

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Happy organizing!

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