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How to Organize a Baby or Toddler’s Closet

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
October 9th, 2013

If you are starting from scratch to organize a baby or toddler’s closet, consider installing a system that has adjustable shelving like freedomRail. This way you can start with triple hanging (instead of double hanging) to maximize hanging space. The top rod of triple hanging is ideal for clothing to-grow-into and hand-me-downs. The top rod is also an ideal place to store clothing you don’t want your toddler pulling out.

As your child starts to grown and you need more length for hanging, eliminate one of the triple rods but keep the shelf and adjust the height of the other two rods with shelves. A few years later when you even need more length, eliminate the shelf that doesn’t have a rod below it and adjust the other two rods with shelves. Now you will be at adult double hanging which is about 42″ apart from one shelf to another.

To organize hanging clothes group like items together such as tops, bottoms, sets, dresses, and outer wear. Then place clothing in color order (white to black) within each grouping. If you have a clothing set, top with bottom or skirt with top, keep the two together. This will make it easier for both parents and babysitters to find matching outfits.

Uses hangers with clips to keep sets together. There will be no guessing of what top goes with which bottom. To prevent strappy tops or sundresses from falling off hangers use either plastic hangers with cut outs along the top on each side or use slim line velvety hangers. If you are tight on space consider slim line hangers as opposed to plastic hangers. The thinness of the slim line hangers allows you to store more clothing in less space.

To keep the closet organized and labeled for everyone, consider using closet rod organizers to indicate size or season. Most closet rod organizers come in array of fun colors like pink, light blue, green, yellow, and dark blue.

You’ll want to keep a spare set of clothing in your diaper bag for the unexpected soiling of clothing. If you keep an outfit in the diaper bag that is the size your baby is currently wearing, you’re baby will outgrow the outfit with little or no wear. To avoid this, the outfit in your diaper bag should be one size larger than what your child is in now.

Keep a basket or hamper in the closet or nearby for easy tossing of soiled clothing. A shelf in the closet is an ideal place to keep a keepsake box. With a keepsake box on a shelf you can quickly toss a keepsake inside.

To store bows or barrettes consider making a holder. Take a cute mirror or picture frame. Glue three 12″ long strips of 1 1/2″ wide decorative ribbon (spread evenly apart) on the backside of the mirror or frame with the ribbon cascading down. Attach your newly created holder to the wall with Command® Strips (Command won’t damage the paint or wallpaper). Then clip barrettes and hair bows to the cascading ribbon.

Happy organizing!

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How to Organize T-Shirts

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
May 1st, 2013

If you’re wondering how to save space in your dresser drawers, it’s quite simple. Store you clothing vertically. Vertical storage provide two huge benefits, the first and foremost is the space that you save by using the height of your drawer. Secondly, you can see all your clothing at a glance allowing you to quickly see what’s there (not there) and make a quick select of what you want to wear. I call this a quick pick vertical storage system.

I have been teaching this vertical storage methodology for years and showcasing the clear bins to make vertical storage quick and simple. To add to the mix of simplifying there is a new product coming on the market to make t-shirt folding a breeze. It is my pleasure to introduce you to pliio™.

pliio™ is the fool proof method of folding t-shirts and vertical storage. Think of pliio™  as a folding board covered in a lightweight fabric. To fold, lay your t-shirt flat (emblem side down). Place a pliio™ centered (both vertically and horizontally) on the t-shirt. Next, fold in each arm/side (how you normally would fold a t-shirt). Then, fold up the bottom portion of the t-shirt 1/4 way up and the top of the t-shirt a 1/4 way down. Next, fold the bottom halfway up, and the top halfway down. Then fold or “close” the t-shirt in half. You’re done! Place the t-shirt in your drawer vertically (with the pliio™ inside). Repeat the steps to fold the rest of your t-shirts. You can also watch a video on folding with pliio™.

Going on vacation? Just grab your t-shirts and pack with the pliio™ inside. When you unpack your suitcase, place your t-shirts in the drawer vertically. Even on vacation you’ll maximize your space and enjoy being organized.

Happy organizing!

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Where to Donate Shoes

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
January 7th, 2012

Haiti Shoe Donation

As a Certified Professional I know all too well that people have too much stuff and have asked the businesses in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and the Emmaus Main Street Partners to join me in the Soles4Souls movement.

The Soles4Souls charity distributes shoes to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has delivered over 16 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes. The shoes have been distributed in over 127 countries.

Donating gently worn shoes is humanitarian and a green way to clean out your closet. Soles4Souls accepts all types of shoes: athletic, running, dress, sandals, pumps, heels, work boots, cleats, dance, flip flops, just as long as they are new or gently worn. Any and all shoes, even those without a mate, are accepted with the exception of muddy and moldy ones. Tying pairs of shoes together with their laces or placing a strongrubber band around pairs is requested.

Downtown Emmaus businesses are partnering together to encourage communities to clean out their closets and donate gently worn footwear to a good cause. You can help by donating shoes, donating money, or both. Our store, All Bright Ideas, is a drop off location for Soles4Souls. As a drop off location we are also responsible for shipping the shoes at our cost to the Soles4Souls warehouse. Monetary donations can be made on our behalf on the Soles4Souls website. Money donated will go directly to shipping the shoes from Emmaus, PA to the Soles4Souls warehouse.

Drop off your shoes 24 hours a day at All Bright Ideas 328 Main Street, Emmaus PA (across the street from Wells Fargo Bank). All Bright Ideas is located 3 blocks from Allentown, PA and conveniently located just 2 miles off of Routes 78 and 309 (Lehigh Street Exit).

Whether you live near or far, you may participate in the Soles4Souls movement by sending us your gently worn shoes or donating money. Ship your gently worn shoes to us at the address above.

Thank you for supporting Soles4Souls!

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Where to Donate Clothes

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
February 2nd, 2010

I recommend keeping an ongoing “give away” box or bag in your coat closet or garage. This way every time you come across something you don’t wear or want, you can toss it in the box or bag. Once it is full you can donate the items to someone in need or a charity.

If you are in search of place to donate clothing, you can go to 1800recycling.com to find locations in your area or consider some of these non-profit groups.

Dress for Success

The Perfect Fit (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Good Will

The Salvation Army

Local Churches

Illicks Mill Recycling Center (City of Bethlehem)

I wish you organizing success!

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Professional Organizing Services in Florida

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
October 3rd, 2009

All Bright Ideas
is pleased to announce
the opening of our newest location

The Villages, Florida!

We proudly offer our professional organizing services in the Sunshine State to anyone living within an hour radius of The Villages including, but not limited to, Ocala, Orlando, and Tampa. Our services in Florida will be provided by our experienced Professional Organizers who travel back and forth between Pennsylvania and Florida and include, but are not limited to, de-cluttering, space maximization, organizing, paper management, time management, and unpack and setup of homes.

If you are a Floridian and are in need of organization, please email us or give us a call at 866 NEAT 911. 

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Best Ink Stain Remover

By Diane Albright CPO, Organizing and Productivity Expert
October 3rd, 2009

Don’t stress the next time you or your child gets a pen mark on clothing or other fabric. As long as the item has not been laundered the ink stain is easy to remove. You may already have this “magical” ink stain remover on hand.

The best ink stain remover is hairspray! Just spray the hairspray directly on the pen mark and let the hairspray soak in a minute or two. Next, rub the fabric together and rinse under cold water. You should then see the ink disappear like magic.

Hairspray that comes in the form of a liquid (with a pump application) works better than hairspray sold in an aerosol can. Be sure to first test the hairspray on an unnoticeable area of the fabric.

When my kids come home from school with pen marks on their clothes it doesn’t matter when I spray the hairspray as long as I spray it before I launder. I can spray it immediately when I notice the ink mark or the following Monday when I am preparing to launder clothes. The key is remembering to use the hairspray before your launder.

If you find ink stains often on your family’s clothing, consider keeping a bottle of hairspray alongside ofyour bottle of laundry detergent.

Hope this tip helps with your laundry dilemmas!

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